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May 11, 2011

Jordan Ferney from Oh Happy Day has been blogging her year in Paris, and each post makes me want to be there so badly. Here are some of her lovely photos of France:

Today is dark and drizzly, and I’ve been sitting in the library listening to this playlist and staring out the window:

Dreamy, yes? Another thing: my sweet grandfather sends me things in the mail often, and he always includes a perfume sample in each envelope. Two days ago, I got Coco Mademoiselle , and the scent makes me want to be in France more than anything. I’m not sure exactly what Paris smells like, but I like to think it’s something like a Chanel fragrance. Of course I know it probably just smells like a city, but it looks like it might smell nice. My next purchase will be Mademoiselle, and that bottle will travel everywhere with me next semester.

A friend once told me smell is our strongest sense when it comes to conjuring up memories, and in my own experience, I would have to agree. She suggested the idea of sort of man-made associations–using a different shampoo for an entire vacation, switching laundry detergents for a summer away, wearing just one perfume for awhile. Whenever I smell Prada Milano Infusion d’Iris, I think of the winter of my senior year of high school. I was obsessed with my grey BCBG pea coat and Ingrid Michaelson and the Chelsea wine and coffee bar, and a whiff of that perfume brings all those things back to life.

So I’m going to do a little experiment and take my Coco Mademoiselle to Europe with me next semester. If I’m going to grow up to be Audrey Hepburn, I think Europe and Coco are good starting points.

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