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A Month of Life

July 21, 2011

Because I haven’t posted in more than a month. I started this blog so I would have a place to keep track of my life and some personal design projects, and I really want to be more diligent with it. So, here’s an entire month of life in one post. Gosh.

So many wonderful things happened this June and July. My baby brother graduated from high school and I am SO proud of him. I know this sounds cheesy, but I really couldn’t believe that the man walking across the stage was the same Alex I grew up with. Seeing how far he’s come over the past few years makes me absolutely elated for his future. He’s smart, charming, and so talented. God is doing such amazing things in his heart and I’m pretty lucky to have him as a brother.

Small but fun happening: Zack and I painted his room. It was fun. Yay!

And OH MY GOODNESS, I got a dog!! Zack and I drove to San Antonio to pick him up in early June, and it was love at first sight. We adopted him from SNIPSA, an awesome organization that rescues animals and gives them medical care. He’s a sweet three-year-old chocolate lab and he loves playing with Zack. He’s my first real pet, and I love love love spending time with him, snuggling and playing fetch for hours and watching all 60 pounds of him scamper across the kitchen floor chasing a ball. And he’s precious, running into things and following us around Zack’s house.

The SNIPSA event was at The Pearl Farmer’s Market, and we got to walk around with our handsome new dog and do a little shopping. One loaf of sourdough, a bag of mushrooms, some fresh lemonade, a jar of raw honey, and one plate of chicken and waffles later, I headed back to Abilene with Zack and Jack, stopping to buy a bag of plums on the way. Oh my goodness, I love farmer’s markets. I could live in San Antonio. It was beautiful and so down to earth and the farmer’s market was absolutely heaven. I definitely added San Antonio to my list of places in Texas I’d live, which previously only included Houston. Aaah I loved San Antonio. For the next week, I savored every bite of food from the farmer’s market. Sliced sourdough toasted with honey and fresh plums, portobello mushrooms sauteed with olive oil, and coconut honey roasted pecans. Gosh, it was all so delicious.

On June 30, ACU sent me and another student to a Christian camp in Pennsylvania to be counselors for a week. The girls in my cabin were absolutely amazing, and I loved getting to share the word of God with them. The Lord seriously blessed me with the six of them, plus a few of their friends from other cabins. We spent the week sharing, crying, praying and seriously living in community. Camp does that for us so easily, but it reminded me of what it’s like to really dig into Christian fellowship together. Even–and especially–when it’s hard. It made me so much more excited for Oxford, and that much more committed to making my time there intentional. I also made a few new friends that showed me so many wonderful things about life and myself and what friendship is supposed to look like. The Holy Spirit was moving so much in my cabin and in the friendships I made with my girls and the other counselors that week. Oh gosh, God always knows exactly what we need and he is SO faithful!

These four women are absolutely amazing. If Caitlyn were in the picture, it would be my favorite girls from the week. What a great group. Rebecca, Meghan, Maggie, and Emma, I love you all :).

And they all looked so cute in the ACU shirts!

Pennsylvania was also beautiful. Yes.

Oh my, it has been such a great few weeks. Tomorrow I’m off to Austin to see a friend from school, a friend from camp and Zack’s sweet aunt and uncle and their precious daughter. The weekend after that, I’ve got more big (secret) plans, and the weekend after that, I’m going to see one of my best friends at her family’s new house in Kerrville. And the weekend after that, I’m going HOME for a whole ten days before I drive back to Abilene and leave for Oxford. LEAVE FOR OXFORD. Wow. I can’t believe what these next few weeks have in store. I feel–I am–so blessed. So incredibly blessed, and I’m so thankful for the people and places and adventures I get to experience.
So that’s been the second half of June and the first half of July. Someone remind me to post again before another month goes by.
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