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Silly Things

August 14, 2011

Well. Not everything I post can be deep, now can it? Sometimes I just want to talk about how good the food I’ve been eating is. And how absurd the music I’ve been listening to is. So there. So here.

Greek salad with spices and lamb; mandarin and blue cheese salad and cream cheese cookies from Magnolia cafe; chicken Bryan from Carrabbas with grilled veggies and goat cheese; mixed greens with grilled chicken, grapes, sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds, apples and feta; baked sweet potato chips–food might be my favorite part of coming home. I eat far more healthily when I’m here, simply because my parents eat healthily and I eat their groceries. Pretty great.

I drove home last Sunday and spent this week helping my mom around the house and with work things while her back recovers (spines are tricky things) and generally basked in the relaxing nature of being home.

Can we talk about Billy Joel’s greatest hits album? Great, let’s talk. It’s so good. Oh my gosh, why is Billy Joel so good? He’s so cheesy and so old school, and I can’t stop listening. Uptown Girl is what hooked me, and I’ve just gotten in way too deep to turn back. Maybe it’s embarrassing, but I love Billy Joel. I tell myself that listening to the Mad Men soundtrack balances it out because Mad Men is sophisticated and classy, but let’s get real. Given the choice, I would blast Piano Man alone in the car before any of those swanky 60s songs. I like them, but they just do not do what Billy Joel does.

Okay, I’m done. Please still be friends with me even though I listen to Billy Joel and eat too much salad.

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