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9/11, 2011

September 11, 2011

It’s interesting to be in Britain today. The global empathy for America today has amazed and humbled me. Hearing people pray for our country in churches, seeing almost every newspaper run a front page remembrance article, and reading the extensive news coverage on the BBC has made me remember that we are all global citizens. Last week, the worship leader at St. Aldate’s prayed for President Obama and our troops. I get chills thinking about the cloud of witnesses that stands before God in petition for the nation of America, and feel ashamed for our country, myself included, when I think about the comparatively little attention I give the rest of the world. I know what’s going on in Libya, Egypt, and Haiti, but I don’t devote the concern, prayer, and conviction those situations deserve to asking God to be with my brothers and sisters around the world. I am reminded today that above all else, I am a Christian, and as my church family here in England stands with America today, so should I orient myself in the world and before God in a way that honors His kingdom and His children everywhere. We are all in the family of God, which transcends worldly nations; He’s called us to care for one another, no matter where in the world they are.

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