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October 3, 2011

One weekend a year, an event called Oxford Open Doors takes place and hundreds of institutions, attractions, and museums open their doors free to the public. We went to the Ashmolean, which is typically closed to anyone not affiliated with Oxford, the History of Science Museum, and we went Punting. Punting was one of the most delightful things we’ve done since we’ve gotten here. It was so peaceful out on the water, and it would be a really romantic date. If only Zack read my blog :). We had a ton of fun, and the weather was clear enough to be enjoyable but overcast enough to be cozy under the big canopy of trees. It was such a fun morning, and I’d love to do it again.

The Thames is beautiful and every inch of it (in Oxford, at least) feels like you’re in the Secret Garden. It’s lush and lovely and picturesque. 

While I will never be as good as Meagan Whitson at posting GATA pictures from abroad, I couldn’t resist the diamond. All the boats had them.

Such a lovely afternoon.

Aaaaand sometimes we’re silly.

Now that we have Internet at the house again after two weeks without, I’ll be posting much more regularly. I have posts saved up, so maybe I’ll accomplish more than four a month. We’ll see.

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