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Jesus Culture in London

October 4, 2011

Two weeks ago on Thursday and Friday, Zack and I were the only students in the house. I had forgotten how good it feels to have my own space and to not have to worry about 10 other people trying to cook, go to the bathroom, study, and shower all at the same time. It was so, so nice. So peaceful. We made dinner, walked to G&D’s, did some homework, and watched part of Lord of the Rings. All normal Oxford activities, but so quiet this weekend. I loved it.

Saturday, we got up and took a train to London to see Jesus Culture. I forget sometimes how much I’ve changed over the last two and a half years; before this summer, I had never heard Jesus Culture and I didn’t understand what it means to live in Christ and I didn’t really understand the Holy Spirit. Oh, how my God has changed me! It gets more exciting each day, and more rewarding and more beautiful and more miraculous. The message at the Jesus Culture conference was so incredibly powerful, and of course exactly what both Zack and I needed to hear. Banning Liebscher talked pretty straightforwardly about the cost of following Christ, and about the complete and total sacrifice a life with Him actually takes. One of the most poignant things I’ve heard in a very long time is such a great articulation of something I’ve often felt about some of the churches I’ve been a part of. He said, “I am afraid for a generation of Christians whose salvation has cost them nothing.” Reflecting on my own life, I struggle to count the cost. Scripture is pretty clear in showing us that while grace is free in the sense that we can’t earn it and receive it undeservingly, an actual life spent following Christ will cost us all we have, including our money. By the power of the Holy Spirit, I’m finally ready to start sacrificing the big things. The beautiful thing about God is that he is more than enough for us. Each time I let go of something, I feel relief, not regret, because the Holy Spirit gives me far more to hold on to than anything I once valued could have. He is so big and so good!

Sunday morning, we went to Hillsong London for worship and spent some wonderful time praising with the family there. I have never walked in a church and felt so welcome; the presence of God was absolutely moving through that theatre. I loved it, and it made me miss Celebration of Life.

The rest of our day in London kind of blurs together because of the tremendous amounts of walking we did, but we saw a good amount of the city and walked along the Thames and went to the Tate Modern (I. Saw. Real. Live. Rothkos.), which was really awesome. Like, actual awe-inspiring awesomeness, not just the average kind of awesome. The building was absolutely beautiful—so industrial and modern and just flat-out huge that you feel sort of humbled and small standing in it. It was one of the most staggering buildings I’ve ever been in.

After that, we had a little fiasco with closed District and Circle lines trying to get to Paddington Station from Notting Hill, so we ended up power walking halfway and then catching a cab, which saved us. We definitely would have missed the train back to Oxford had we tried to walk the rest of it. I am indescribably happy that we made it back in time.

I had to write an essay tonight about my “social map”—where I fit in the world and who I am and what has shaped me. I wrote a lot about the different ways God has changed my family and me over the last few years, and putting it all on paper was such an incredible experience. Seeing, word for word, exactly what we used to be and what we are now just blows me away. He is so amazing, and I know that it gets better every day.

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  1. Karen Edwards permalink
    October 14, 2011 10:34 pm

    As I sit here after a long day…my heart sings, cries, leaps, rejoices, and praises God for the words and images I have just taken in on your blog. Taylor Rose, you are so beautiful. You are an amazing handmaiden of our Lord. You are anointed. Many lives will be saved, touched, and transformed as you continue your journey with Christ, but as you share it with the gifts of writing, communication, and visual art that He has given you. I love you. Mommy

  2. Karen Edwards permalink
    October 14, 2011 10:35 pm

    Enjoy Portugal & Spain

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