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Paris, Part Un

October 31, 2011

Paris was weeks ago and it’s kind of a blur. I need to post right when I get home. Creating posts takes about an hour for each one depending on the length, so it’s a bit of a time commitment to do them in a timely manner. Sorry mom :).

Our hostel in Paris was in the middle of one of the most posh neighborhoods in Paris. It’s an educational hostel that mostly does big groups, and it was absolutely beautiful. It was surrounded by multimillion euro flats and lofts and some of the most delightful patisseries and restaurants in all of Paris. Ron picked such an incredible place for us to stay; we all loved it. They had huge wooden spiral staircases and beautiful rooms; it was really more like a hotel with a few beds in each room than a hostel.

The first day, Zack and I went on a walk from our hostel to Notre Dame and then to the Eiffel Tower where we met up with our group for a Fat Tire Bike Tour. I don’t even know how to describe how awesome it was; cycling is probably one of the most fun ways to see a city. We rode around and our tour guide was funny and we stopped for some amazing ice cream and it was just generally enjoyable. I love cycling with Zack and it was extra fun to be kind of relaxed and a little slower. The night ended with a boat ride on the Seine and it was absolutely magical. Everything was just perfect.

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