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Thanksgiving: Day 8

November 8, 2011

Day 8: My Education

I have had a FRUSTRATING day. This research paper is making it hard to smile, and the fact that it got dark around 4:25 (seriously) made it hard to get  motivated. I’ve been listening to the same 9 Christmas songs and enjoying my slippers and printing a ton of articles that I haven’t read yet, and right now, the prospect of just staying in tonight and eating chocolate and giving up on this paper seems GREAT. So as I was making a Spark and gearing up for an hour of reading before going to volunteer at Alpha, of course the Holy Spirit hit me with a sense of thankfulness for this work I so dread doing. First world problems, right? I have an all-expenses-paid 4-year private education, and yet there are days I don’t feel like putting anything into it. Major attitude check, and just in time to get this essay turned in by midnight on Thursday. How blessed I am by ACU and all the opportunities I’m afforded for learning: the honors college, study abroad, the JMC department, the JMC Network, and so much more. The fact that most of my life has been dedicated to furthering my academic and intellectual growth is amazing; while some women my age have already had multiple children and survive on cents a day, I’m blessed enough to have the burden of an unwanted homework assignment as my main worry today. So right now, I’ll choose to be thankful for this paper because once again, God has reminded me how blessed I really am. And now I’m off to work on it!



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