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Thanksgiving: Days 12 & 13

November 14, 2011

Day 12: Me Time

Saturday, Zack went to a biology research conference thing to talk about science and stuff. I had most of the day in London by myself, and it was DELIGHTFUL. Just pure, absolute bliss. I went to Kate Spade (Joy. Joy. Joy.),went to the Victoria & Albert museum, ate at the V&A cafe, walked across Tower Bridge, went to the Design Museum (best museum yet), picked up a snack at a tiny artisan food shop on the Thames, navigated the tube all day all by myself, and felt like a proper grown up person figuring things out for myself. I need days like that sometimes. It was relaxing, adventurous, rejuvenating, exciting, and an all-around great day. That night, we went to Wicked and ended a perfect day by making our train back to Oxford. I’m thankful for times of rest when I get to be alone with God and my thoughts; Saturday was much needed and much appreciated.

THE COLOR OF THE MONTH IS MULTI. I died of happiness. And then bought rainbow dominoes and gold playing cards for my upcoming mini dinner party with Zack and Caroline and Blaine :).

Delicious coffee walnut cake and mocha at the V&A cafe.

The London Bridge. I didn’t go in it; I just had to cross it on the way to the Design Museum. And that, in a nutshell, is the difference between me and my other 3 travel companions, and why I needed a day to myself. I’d rather look at Eames furniture than historical landmarks.

I’m thankful for alone time :).

Day 13: Design

I’m thankful for good design. There are lots of deep things I could say about design and what it means to me, but I’ll keep it simple. It makes me happy. Deeply, deeply happy. Looking at beautiful design fills me with joy. Here are some dorky pictures of terrible iPhone 3Gs quality that I took at the Design Museum. I’m thankful for design and I will never not turn into a giddy child when faced with a Le Corbusier chair. Just a fact.

This is the original typeface designed for road signs in the UK after a private commission couldn’t find an acceptable one already in existence. The designers faced opposition when they tried to include lowercase on the signs; they won.

Beautiful old calculators. At the time of the big one’s creation, mechanical calculators were still smaller, more efficient, and easier to use, but people still bought the new electronic ones because of the novelty.

I’ll spare you the evolution of the chair photo series I took :).

So, one day, lots of happiness, and much to be thankful for. See you Wednesday, London!

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