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Thanksgiving: Days 17-19

December 6, 2011

Day 17: Color

Kate Spade is not an especially deep or meaningful thing to be thankful for, but the Year of Color has helped transform my grey-loving self into someone who bought a hot pink sweater and emerald green tights and a pink patent leather wallet and an orange cardigan ALL IN ONE YEAR. And color makes me happy now; it used to give me a headache. I’m still pretty conservative about it, but my design has changed a lot since falling in love with Kate Spade and it’s generally brought me a lot of smiles and inspiration. So I’m thankful for Kate Spade and the tremendous influence it has had on my wardrobe, my Illustrator swatch palettes, and my living space!

Now that I’m not opposed to wearing pink and orange together, this sweet thing carries my stuff.

Day 18: Zack’s Family

He has a great one. I’m so blessed to get to spend all the time I have with them, and I’m especially thankful for the Christian legacy his family has raised him in. It’s incredible to know that his family is a group of people who honors the Lord, prays for him daily, and has brought him up into the man of God he is today. I love spending time with them and I respect them so much; his grandparents are so wonderful, his parents are a ton of fun, and his siblings are people I absolutely love being friends with. I’m incredibly thankful for them!

This is a hilarious picture depicting the response Zack and his brothers had to Zannah’s first date. Truly brilliant.

Zannah wearing my GATA pledge homecoming parade costume…I can only hope and pray that she’ll pledge red and white. But if she follows in her mother’s Kojie footsteps, that wouldn’t be bad either. They’re an absolutely amazing bunch of ladies.

Day 19: Friends

I know I already posted about Blaine and Caroline, but COME ON. After Marrakech I wanted to write another whole post about how much I love them, and then after Nice, and then after my birthday. They are both such amazing people, and Zack and I seriously can’t believe we have them as our friends. Especially here, especially going on these adventures together; they’re really the best. From roof chats to tangled limbs to megabed to sharing clothes, Caroline is such a wonderful, Godly friend who I look up to so much. This is a super inadequate paragraph to describe something I’m so deeply grateful for, but I tell them basically every day so I’ll leave it at that :).

No words, just smiles.

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