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Thanksgiving: Days 23-25

December 10, 2011

Day 23: Art and Music

We went to the Chagall museum in Nice, and his paintings were so moving; my favorite room contained a series of five paintings from Song of Songs, but there were also other beautiful pieces depicting stories from the Old Testament. I fell in love with his floating lovers in red hung under Songs 1:2 written in French. So romantic and so captivating, and so much like love. Over break especially, art and music were such a comfort and such a joy. Tonight at church I was blessed with the St. Aldates praise team, and I love that God created us to be such deeply expressive creatures. I love finding myself in a painting or a song and discovering the human connection and oneness that comes through identifying with someone else’s art. I’m thankful I’ve gotten to experience so much of it here.

Day 24: Fresh Food (Especially Salmon)

Markets. Wow. I’m in love with food. Deeply, sincerely, madly in love with food. And markets are like a dream for me, all the vegetables and fruits lined up outside still covered in dirt, fresh from the ground, symbols of God’s covenant and creation. It really is one of the most beautiful things I can think of. I love fish sprawled out over a mound of ice, and I love the pride in the vendors’ eyes when I gasp in awe of something they grew, brewed, canned, or cooked. I LOVE fresh food. It’s God’s bounty, right there on my plate.

I love seafood with my whole heart. I’m so glad I’m not kosher because I would be terribly sad if I had to forgo crustaceans to honor God. Gosh. Sad stuff. While we were in Nice, we bought a 2.2 kilo piece of salmon from a fresh fish market and covered it in spices and garlic and absolutely feasted. It was, in a word, glorious. I love salmon in quiches, baked, pecan crusted, with garlic, plain with lemon juice, in puff pastry with spinach, in salad; it’s quite the diverse fish. Unfortunately, England loves to smoke its salmon, which I am quite averse to. But other than that, I’ll pretty much devour any salmon put in front of me. Gabi Powell shares this love with me, and it’s one of the things that makes our friendship so great. I’m thankful for salmon and eating it with friends. I’m thankful for the joy of food!

Blaine and Caroline at the Oxford market we go to on Wednesdays. They also happen to be my favorite people to eat with!

Day 25: My Daddy

I am continually reminded how wonderful my family is. Today, I’m especially thankful for my father. He laid the foundation for my life, how I see the world, how I think about many things, how I expect my marriage to be, how I believe I should treat Zack, and what Godly generosity looks like. I respect him so much as a man, as a father, as a husband, as a leader of our house, as a leader in AdvoCare, as a friend to Jimmy over the years, and as a person. He demonstrated to me what it means to be joyfully faithful, be it to our family or his job. He listens in a way that makes people feel loved and valued, he serves in a way that makes people feel honored, and he lives in a way that demonstrates the joy of Christ every day. He is wise, kind, and generous; he is strong, devoted, and loving. I love my father so much, but beyond that, I respect him for the man he is and the man God is turning him into. I’m so thankful for my daddy.

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  1. January 22, 2012 7:54 am

    I…love…salmon. So much. Too much.

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