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January 30, 2012

One month. I tried to figure out my username/password combo for A MONTH before I finally cracked it tonight. I’m writing it down this time. Now that I finally have access, I don’t even know what to write. I’ll make a list. Since the new year…

  • I moved into my first apartment. It’s 450 sq feet, which is a nice size for me. I love every little bit of it, and I had a ton of fun unpacking with my parents and Katie and Zack. It’s more colorful than I initially planned for, but it’s my fault. I painted my bureau yellow.
  • Of all the things to go cheap and save money on, knives should be close to the bottom of the list. Gosh…spend some cash on knives next time, Tay. Cheap knives are the WORST.
  • I started classes. Ad is predictably awesome. I love advertising. We’re watching Art & Copy in class right now and it’s just so romantic. My actual design class is not quite as natural of a fit, but my goal is just to learn, so I’m enjoying it. I’m not really concerned about my grade at all…sorry, mom. It’s going to pull me out of my creative comfort zone though, so the whole ordeal of being terrible at it will be worthwhile.
  • Tennis is FUN. All kinds of fun. The weather’s been lovely, my professor is an absolute delight, and I don’t mind being bad at it because I’m learning. That seems to be a theme this semester.
  • The Agency makes me happy. I love my department. I love my professors. I’m lucky to be in a department with such incredible faculty; they truly make school so good to experience. I’m at the point where (comm law excluded, not looking forward to that) most of my homework and assignments are really fun to do. That’s great.
  • I accidentally bought a loud clock, but I’m getting used to sleeping with it.
  • The rec center is just  the best. Wow. Having to pay for a gym as an adult is going to be frustrating after getting used to this.
  • I think I’ll know I’ve made it in life when my dishwasher doesn’t leave water spots on my glasses. New goal.


Life is good. God is incredible. I’m thankful.

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