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A To-Do List

March 11, 2012

This spring break is sort of a blank slate. I came home because I hadn’t seen my family since Christmas and I really wanted a relaxing week. I’m still optimistic, but I just realized that this could be either the best or the worst spring break ever. It’s only my second day home and the boredom’s already starting to set in. For starters, I’m here alone. Zack’s in Haiti, Katie’s in New Mexico, and Holly & Kate are both on fabulous tropical vacations with their families. So things could get lonely if I don’t stay busy. Second of all, I’m running a little bit short on funding for this staycation, so I have to come up with some free or inexpensive things to do. Here’s my list so far:

  • Finish a branding project
  • Explore some art museums and galleries, including the Menil Collection, which I’ve never been to for some reason. Lived in Houston all my life. I’m fixing that this week.
  • Take my camera someplace fun and come home with a few good shots
  • Drive to Galveston and get some free Rita’s with my birthday coupon. I guess I’m turning into a couponer, because I have one for free Ben & Jerry’s, too. Hmm.
  • I have a date with my dad Wednesday to go look at a furniture and art gallery in The Heights.
  • Breakfast with my Uncle Jimmy
  • Lunch with Callie and Rachel and my mom maybe?
  • Finish reading Just My Type
  • Finish reading Crazy Love
  • Cook something delicious
  • Finish designing three fliers for my mom
  • Submit some logos to a potential client
  • Take my mom shopping

Okay, so now that I’ve written it out, I guess I could have a busy and productive week. And all that stuff sounds like a ton of fun. Except for the design work–I wanted this week to be a little break from that, but I have a feeling I’ll still end up creating little projects for myself because that’s what I do when I’m bored. Ha.

Oh, it’s been pouring here, which I completely love. We live on a bayou and it got really high today. My dad saw a water moccasin the other day, so I stay on our back patio and refrain from exploring, but it’s definitely pretty to look at when it’s full. I really miss living in nature and near water when I’m at school. The Abilene vegetation is boring and the air is dry and mosquitoes are kind of worth it for the view I get here. I think I may have mentioned this before, but I love Houston.

Here we go, spring break :).

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