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Saturday, Sunday: Happy Weekend

March 12, 2012

Let’s rewind a little, because I want to remember everything I do this week.

Zack and I drove home from Abilene on Friday, and it was a reeeeeally long drive. It took us 8 hours instead of 6.5 (we did stop for lunch in College Station…), and it was raining the whole time, and we hit rodeo traffic. But my mom made a fabulous meal that night and we got home just in time, so we enjoyed dinner and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert and then had an early night in.

The next morning, we went to my brother’s apartment to see his new dog. She’s precious! Super energetic and always the center of attention; it’s impossible to make her sit still or be calm. So, a lot like Alex :). My Uncle Jimmy LOVES her. It’s adorable. After that, Zack and I went to Empire Cafe for lunch and coffee and cake and spent some time chatting before I had to take him to the airport. It was lovely; I love eating there with him.

After I dropped him off, I came home and hung out for a little while and then got Pinkberry with my mom. It was a nice evening.

Sunday I got to go to church! It was wonderful to say hi to everyone; I love that church so much. It was really foggy that morning, and it started pouring during church. The Baytown bridge looked really cool in the fog. It’s one of my favorite bridges.

Me and Rach at church. Love her. And I got to see so many other friends! I love being home.


After church, I went to lunch at Wael’s with my parents. YUM. I think we all know how much I love Greek food (because I never shut my mouth about that fact) and after spending a semester eating nasty street kebabs, it was delightful and refreshing and an absolute treat to eat real doner meat. But seriously, Wael’s is by far the most delicious Greek food I’ve ever had.

I spent the rest of the day working on a little branding project I’m doing that I’ll post once I’m farther along. I like the way it’s turning out, but I want to see it printed on the paper I’m planning to use before I make any decisions. The name of the company is amazing; it was basically begging for some fun identity work. I can’t wait to finish it.

So I had a pretty great weekend. Nice and relaxing, a tiny bit productive, and full of good food. That’s basically my goal for the whole break, so I got off to a great start. Yay, Houston.

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