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This Is Who You Are

March 6, 2012

God is so beautiful, so good, so perfect, so holy, so giant, so intimate, so lovely, so delightful, so creative, so sweet, so generous, so wise, so faithful.

That’s what I’m feeling this morning.


This Is Who You Are – Kristian Stanfill

Your glory speaks in every language.
Across the sky to every nation.
You are beauty unimagined.
This is who You are.

You are the Lord of my salvation.
You are the One who lights my way.
Through the dark night You will lead me.
This is who You are.
This is who You are.

So lift it up, lift it up, endless praises to our God.
Full of grace, full of love, and he’s reigning over us.
I know, you are faithful, and you are worthy God.
This is who You are.

In day and night the angels sing it.
Holy Holy is the Lord.
There’s none more worthy to receive it.
This is who You are.

You hear the cry of every broken heart.
You give the hopeless all a brand new start.
You lead the captive in your freedom song.
This is who You are.

And in the night when all our hope is lost.
You are the One who won’t give up on  us.
You hold the orphan in your loving arms.
This is who You are.

And I know, this is who You are.
And I believe, this is who You are.




It’s going to be a WONDERFUL day.


Instead of Homework

March 4, 2012

Oh gosh…now that I’ve started, I might not be able to end the tremendous procrastination that is GATA and Photoshop.


March 3, 2012

Counting down the days until retreat.

It’s Summer!!

March 3, 2012

Okay, it’s spring. But inevitably, every SINGLE year, the first beautiful weekend of March leaves me turning up the country music and wanting watermelon. So I spent the morning doing laundry with my balcony door open and listening to RaeLynn and making watermelon granita. It’s easy.

I used one slice of seedless watermelon and it made one serving.
Freeze your slice, then hold it upright and use a veggie peeler to shave the ice.
Scoop it from the cutting board into a fancy glass, top with a little agave nectar or basil, and enjoy.

It tastes like summer.

I’m spending the rest of my day painting my nails, cleaning my lovely little apartment, and taking my handsome guy out for a nice dinner at my favorite place around here, Bonterra Blu.

It feels like summer indeed.

The Company We Keep

February 20, 2012

“Work only for people you like. A sense of commonality is essential. Without that, disaster.”
— Milton Glaser

“If each of us hires people who are smaller than we are, we shall become a company of dwarfs. But if each of us hires people bigger than we are, [we] will become a company of giants.”
—David Ogilvy


I have really, really creative friends. I also have a lot of incredibly creative acquaintances. And teachers, and role models, and mentors. Watching their work develop and their talent grow inspires and challenges me to be more thoughtful, more diligent, and more committed to my own creativity.

From my classes to Morris & Mitchell to my best friends, I see wonderful people with great ideas at work every day. If we are the company we keep, I’m thankful for the inspiration.

A Prayer

February 16, 2012

There are so, so many things I dislike about the current political landscape and climate in America. I know that this world isn’t my home and that I serve a powerful, loving King who is unaffected by the trappings of bureaucracy, but my heart still aches for a system to deliver justice. With all that angers and frustrates me, sometimes I wish I could make the choice to be apathetic, but as a Christian, I believe I am called to participate in this system because God has told us over and over and over again that He cares deeply about justice for the oppressed and the poor. Seriously, it’s a lot. I think he cares about Christians caring for “the least of them” more than just about anything else, if we’re judging based on the number of times it’s mentioned in the Bible. “Love,” he said. And this morning as I was reading, I saw that He also said this:

“Woe to those who make unjust laws, to those who issue oppressive decrees, to deprive the poor of their rights and withhold justice from the oppressed of my people, making widows their pray and robbing the fatherless.”

It’s from Isaiah 10:1-2. It hit me so hard today: God has a righteous anger. His anger comes from love. He loves the oppressed so deeply that (in the rest of the chapter of Isaiah) he brings destruction on those who intentionally hurt them.

Now, without getting too controversial, we can take a prominent current example of this type of person (the unjust decree making kind) and look at their lawmaking history and business records and the things they’ve specifically said about the poor, and as Christians, have a clearer picture on how God would feel about them being powerful in America. His name rhymes with “sitt somney.”

I can hear it now: “But he’s against gay marriage and he has such American family values!!”

CHRISTIANS. STOP. Look at the heart of God, and see His compassion. See His wrath for those who oppress the poor with laws and unfair taxes and discrimination in education and racial profiling and unjust labor laws and a minimum wage that’s impossible to live on. HE CARES about the people who our votes either help or hurt. And a candidate claiming Christianity but repeatedly oppressing the poor is a very dangerous contradiction in character, according to the Bible.

I know that it’s not easy. I know that moving out of the little Republican box means talking about things like welfare and abortion and socializing healthcare. But when we see the anger of God turn time and time again on the people whose actions—and here He specifically talks about legislation—oppress His beloved children, is it worth it to be so afraid of “the other” (shoutout to CORE120) that we displease God and sin against our brothers by robbing them and keeping them in poverty?

I struggle with where the line of justice falls. I don’t know how I feel about some of the issues. Beyond how I feel, I don’t know what’s right or just by God’s standards.

But it’s pretty simple to see and understand that He loves the poor. And if we are here to do His will and bring glory to His name, everything about our lives—the way we consume, the churches we go to, the way we vote—should be reflective of that.

So. It’s not an easy decision. I’m not saying there’s a good party and a bad one, or a godly party and an ungodly one. He doesn’t play our games and He doesn’t endorse candidates to make it easy for us. Each side has its merits and its shortcomings.

But as I try to make sense of the absurdity and chaos that is the 2012 Presidential election, I want my values and decisions to line up with His. Because the Bible says that He cares, and I want to care about what He does. If we’re seeking God’s direction in decisions about this country, we’ll probably hear Him calling us against policy that hurts the poor, over and over.

And this post is not just about Mitt Romney, but about all who act in this way.

This is probably the last time I’ll talk about politics for a long time, so if you got bored, sorry. If you got offended, please bookmark this post and read it weekly.

So this is my prayer for America and especially American Christians. That we would not oppress the poor, but care for the marginalized and hurting. That politics wouldn’t keep us on the other side of a line God’s trying to get us to cross. That we would see the Father’s love for the least and mirror it in all we do. That we wouldn’t be scared or weak in the face of injustice, and that we would never find ourselves among those who make laws against the orphaned and the widowed. And ultimately, that when we act in the political arena and all others, we would always, always do it with God’s love in our decisions.

Okay, that’s all. Come back next week for more on fiberglass chairs and cupcakes or whatever I usually talk about.

The Busy Days

February 6, 2012

Sixteen hours of Sing Song props this weekend. Many hours of sketching and countless Illustrator paths. A makeshift girls’ night with my best friend. Two big meals with guests (and two rounds of apartment cleaning and dishes.) Superbowl ad commentary, Rach on The Voice, and a ton of homework. Lots of hours with some amazing sisters. Two years with Zack on Sunday (!!). An ad concepted, comped, and finished by 3. Client meeting at 4:30. Agency at 5. Showering just to get some breathing time.

Now I’m sitting on my couch eating trail mix with a spoon from the tub and trying to figure things out before class.

Life is hectic right now.
But so good.

And SO blessed.

I’m trying to remember to stop and breathe enough to be joyful and thankful.

Now back to work :).